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RACK ORDERS | 2-3 weeks to be manufactured.
NON-RACK ORDERS | Can take up to 1-2 weeks to be processed and shipped.

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(ALL Reptile & Rodent Complete Racks)

Take your passion to the NEXT LEVEL!

Not sure which rack or tub model is right for you?

Per Level Ordering

| Reptile 66-4 & 66-6 PER LEVEL ordering is LIVE! |

Starting at $250.00


Classic: Standard & Large | Compact

ProLine: Standard & Large | Compact


Classic: Standard | Large

ProLine: Standard

Frame sizes – Standard: 50″(W) x 21.5″(D) | Large: 55.6″(W) x 33.5″(D)

Compact: (Varied) 20″-30.75″(W) x 21.5″-33.5″(D)

*Add-on levels for existing racks and mixed custom racks can also be ordered on these pages.

*(“Per-level” ordering for Jumbo rodent and all Venomous rack models are not available online just yet. Please contact us via email to inquire about or to place an order for these models.)

Recent Updates & Announcements

| CocoBlox Pallets & Discounts |

CocoBlox full and half-pallets are now available for purchase under the “Shop CocoBlox” tab.

For a limited time, CocoBlox (breeder blocks) singles and bundles are ON SALE!

| 66-4 & 66-6 Per Level Ordering |

Reptile 66-4 & 66-6 are now available to order PER LEVEL with or with base frame & casters for custom or add-on levels.

New Tubs

| Injection molded deli-cup holders and ventilation holes. |

Available models:

| FB5 | FB8 | FB28 | FB35 |

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