Custom Per Level – Standard




  • Be sure to VERIFY dimensions (height) of your levels to make sure your rack will fit where you need it to. Individual rack level measurements can be found below in the product description.
  • If you want to order add-on levels for an existing rack, CHECK THE BOX for “Levels Only” option.
  • If wanting multiple racks of the same configuration, set configuration for single rack and increase quantity at bottom of page next to “add to cart.”

Rack Levels

(Select how many of each level you would like for your custom rack or add-on levels):

FB10 tubs | (5) tubs per level

FB10-5 tubs | (5) tubs per level | Semi-clear ONLY

FB15 tubs | (2) tubs per level | Semi-clear ONLY

FB20 tubs | (3) tubs per level

FB25 tubs | (4) tubs per level | Semi-clear ONLY

FB30 tubs | (3) tubs per level | Semi-clear ONLY

Required options

(Select what standard options you’d like included with your rack/add-on levels):

(If ordering add-on levels for an existing rack, select “remove base frame and casters.”):

(Select tub color, please be aware some rodent tub models are ONLY available in semi-clear. See description below for more information):

(Select location of food hopper on your rack):

All valves are barbed to securely fasten to tubing. Diaphragm recommended for mice, spring-loaded for rats. Select material and style below.

Additional upgrades

(Complete your purchase with these optional upgrades):

(Stainless steel covers for the water lines to prevent rodents from chewing through them. Enter total number of levels you are ordering):

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Have you ever wanted to mix-and-match levels to create your very own, one-of-a-kind CUSTOM Freedom Breeder Rodent Rack? Now you can! Select how many of each level you would like from all of our stackable Standard Frame rack models with all the same options you would choose for any of our other industry-leading rodent racks.

  • Base price includes a base frame and casters, if you want to purchase individual levels without a base frame and casters please be sure to select “Levels ONLY” option to remove the base frame and casters from your order.
  • If using the “deposit” payment option, please be advised 30% deposit is Non-refundable.


PLEASE NOTE: Not all tubs are available in Grey. Levels/tubs that are NOT available in Grey color option include:

If selected choice is Grey, any of these levels will be shipped with Semi-Clear tubs!


If you have ANY questions about your custom rack please call or email us PRIOR to placing your order. 

Individual Level Heights: Please verify your TOTAL height before placing your order. Making edits after-the-fact can cause delays in the manufacturing your order and push back your racks start date. THERE WILL ALSO BE AN ALTERATION FEE FOR ANY CHANGES MADE AFTER PLACING YOUR ORDER.

Base Frame + Casters (Standard & Large): 6.5″

(Standard Frame Level Heights) | All Levels: (L) 50″ x (W) 21.5″

         Rodent 1050-10: 7 3/8″           Rodent 840-10-5: 9 1/4″

  Rodent 1020-15: 7 3/8″               Rodent 824-20: 9 1/4″

   Rodent 728-25: 9 3/4″                    Rodent 721-30:  10 13/16″


ALL level measurements are in inches!