Custom Per Level 66-6


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Higher the ventilation percentage will increase airflow and decrease humidity in each tub.

IMPORTANT – A high quality thermostat MUST be used with our racks to operate safely. (FB thermostat, VE thermostats, or Herpstats)

If using a single-zone thermostat, you will need (1) power strip. If using a dual-zone thermostat, you will need (2) power strips.

Additional Upgrades

Take your rack to the next level with these optional upgrades.

Locks tubs to prevent them from being pushed open by larger reptiles. Enter the total number of levels you are ordering.

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Custom Per Level | 66-6

  (Now available to order “per level”)

   The Reptile 66-6 Reptile Rack is made of J4 Stainless Steel, no rust.. ever. This is the #1 choice for Boa and Retic Breeders. All trays are removable and glide on 2 roller bearing tracks. Removable clear inserts allow for easy viewing and cleaning. No more climbing inside your snake’s cage to clean!

If you have any questions about our reptile racks regarding pricing, options, measurements, or just more general info please reach out to us at any time.



Per level: 68 13/16″(W) x 30 1/4″(D) x 10 3/16″(H)

Base frame & casters: 6 1/2″(H)