Set-Up Videos

A picture is worth 1000 words! Here are some Informational Videos to help you understand more in-depth functions and features of our products. Click on the photo to view the video you want to watch.



VIDEO 1: How To Assemble Your New Rack

In this video we are setting up a Reptile 1040 Rack.


VIDEO 2: Freedom Breeder Tubs

In this video you will see our different tub options.


VIDEO 3: Freedom Breeder Ventilation Inserts

See how Freedom Breeder ventilation inserts will help you maintain a sterile environment for your animals.


VIDEO 4: Freedom Breeder Thermostat

In this video you will learn how to program your Freedom Breeder thermostat.


VIDEO 5: Climbing a Freedom Breeder Rack

In this video you will see us testing out how strong these racks really are.


VIDEO 6: Freedom Breeder Rack Shelf

In this video you will see how a Freedom Breeder rack shelf can make work easier.


VIDEO 7: How to Remove Large Freedom Breeder Tubs

In this video, we’re going to show you easy it is to install and remove the tubs from our Rodent 44,55 Reptile 66-6, 66-5, 66-4 for easy cleaning.


VIDEO 8: Proper Probe Placement

In this video you will learn the proper placement for your thermostat probe.


VIDEO 9: Water Line Enclosures for Rodent Caging

In this video you will see how these enclosures improve the security of your rodent caging.


VIDEO 10: Freedom Breeder Food Funnel

In this video you will see how the food funnel will save you time.


VIDEO 11: How to Change Your Non-locking Caster to a Locking Caster

In this video, we will show you how to change your non-locking caster wheel to a locking one.


VIDEO 12: How to Install Tub Windows

Installing the window and window frame in your tubs is made easy with this instructional video!


VIDEO 13: Removable Food Hoppers

In this video we will show you how to move your food hopper from front to back.


VIDEO 14: New FB-5-CV Reptile Tub

In this video you will learn about the features of our brand new hatchling tub.


VIDEO 15: Rodent Transport Tub

In this video we’ll tell you about our new rodent transport tubs.


VIDEO 16: How to Program 4 zone Thermostat

In this video we’ll show you how to easily program the settings on your new Freedom Breeder 4 zone thermostat.