Custom Per Level – Compact


Create a custom Freedom Breeder compact rack, or order add-on levels for an existing rack.

Only the 1020-40 and 0808-90(W) models can stack with one another – no other compact levels are not compatible with stacking with any other model(s).

[See description below for dimensions and more information.]

Need help with rack options? Check out our FAQ page!

Rack levels

(Enter quantity of levels you are wanting to order below the corresponding model. Leaving all levels sections blank will result in your order being cancelled.)

FB10 tubs | (3) tubs per level

FB20 tubs | (2) tubs per level

FB40 tubs | (2) tubs per level

FB70 tubs | (1) tub per level

FB70 tubs | (2) tubs per level

FB80 tubs (no window, available in grey or semi-clear, no cupholder option for semi-clear) | (1) tub per level

FB80W tubs (windowed, only available in grey flat or cupholder, no semi-clear option) | (1) tub per level

FB90 tubs (no window, available in grey or semi-clear, no cupholder option for semi-clear) | (1) tub per level

FB90W tubs (windowed, only available in grey flat or cupholder, no semi-clear option) | (1) tub per level

Required options

(Select required options for your rack/levels.)

(If ordering add-on levels for an existing rack, you can choose to “remove base frame & casters” to order only levels.)

(Please Note: 0808-80W and 0808-90W models are only available and will ship with grey windowed tubs – regardless of selection.)

Grey Semi-clear

(To order tubs with deli-cup holders, enter the total quantity of tubs your level(s) include. For tubs without cupholder (flat), enter “0” i.e. (4) levels of 1339-10 = 12 tubs.)

(Customize your rack with different heating options. PLEASE NOTE: 7″ heat panels should NOT be selected for 1339-10 or 1020-20 levels as this will be too much heat for the reptiles.)

(Hold ventilation inserts in-place. Plastic ventilation clips are discounted based on how many levels/tubs. This discount will be calculated AFTER purchase on your email invoice. Discount amount will be applied to shipping cost – if paying in-full.)

(25-50% recommended for ball pythons – high humidity species, 100% recommended for colubrid – low humidity species, 0% is only recommended if room has plenty of airflow.)

(All Freedom Breeder racks must have temps regulated using a high-quality thermostat. Single-zone thermostats are recommended for up to 5 levels, and dual-zone for more than 5 levels.)

(Single-zone thermostat requires (1) power strip, dual-zone requires (2) power strips):

Additional upgrades

(Complete your rack with these optional upgrades):

(Securely holds probe(s) on heat panel. Select size based on “heat panel” selection. Single-zone thermostat = 1 probe bracket, dual-zone = 2 probe brackets.)

(Securely holds FB Thermostats on top of rack at an angle for easier viewing (is not compatible with non-Freedom Breeder thermostats.)

(Clips over edges of each level and makes removing and replacing ventilation inserts for cleaning easier – but are not required. Enter quantity of levels TOTAL you are ordering.)

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Do you have limited space that can’t support one of our standard or large frame racks? Have you ever wanted to order a specific number of levels to create your very own, one-of-a-kind CUSTOM COMPACT Freedom Breeder Reptile Rack or just order additional levels for a pre-existing rack? Now you can! Select which model and how many levels you would like from all of our Compact Frame rack models with all the same options you would choose for any of our other industry-leading reptile racks.


  • Base price only includes base frame and casters. After selecting level quantities, price will be reflected.
  • If you want to purchase individual levels (without a base frame and casters) please be sure to select “Remove base frame and casters” under the “Base Frame” option.

Individual Level Heights: Please calculate and verify the total height of your levels/custom rack before placing your order. Making changes after ordering can cause delays in the manufacturing of your order and push back your racks start date. Rack order changes are limited – see Rack Terms & Conditions page for more details.

(Individual Level Height)

Base Frame + Casters: 6.5″

  1339-10: 4 7/8″             1020-20: 6 1/4″

1020-40: 6 3/4″             1010-70: 6 3/4″

1020-70: 6 3/4″         0808- 80 & 80W: 8 7/16″

0808-90 & 90W: 8 7/16″


If you have any questions please contact us via email prior to placing an order.