About Freedom Breeder

Freedom Breeder Team – May 12, 2023

   Lindy Johnson designed and manufactured the very first Freedom Breeder rodent rack for Dave and Tracy Barker, in 1991. They were so impressed with this prototype rack, that they requested Lindy also produce a reptile rack for them. Shortly after, in 1992, Freedom Breeder was officially established. Due to the quality, craftsmanship, and durability of these racks, Freedom Breeder’s popularity and success took off and revolutionized the reptile and rodent breeding industries. Although Lindy has since retired from Freedom Breeder, he is still an integral part of the business’s innovations and has left the company operations to his children Julie and Jessy Johnson.

   We take pride in our products, and we will continue to strive to be the best in the business! From switching all our original rack designs from galvanized to stainless steel, our one-of-a-kind reptile and rodent tubs, CocoBlox, to our new ProLine Series (hybrid) rack systems. We continue to innovate and improve our business and our products to meet the needs of the industry and all of our customers. All Freedom Breeder racks today are made from high-quality stainless steel and are manufactured and assembled in our 13,000 square foot facility (located in Turlock, California).

   Throughout the years, many have tried to duplicate our older rack systems. Some companies have gone as far as hiring third-party manufacturers to make racks and then sell “copycat” racks as their own products, but to this today, no one has been able compete with our quality.

This is likely why so many industry professionals continue to purchase our products and support our brand. Since being established in 1992, Freedom Breeder racks have been used by top breeders all around the world, but also: zoos, research centers, and universities.

   Due to the continued support of our amazing customers over the last thirty years, Freedom Breeder has continued to be the industry-leader (and benchmark) for all rodent and reptile rack systems. This “customer-given” title is something that we are very proud of and promise to continue to prove order after order and year after year. Our love for reptiles, rodents, and the work that we do allows us to relate to our customers’ needs, wants, and their frustrations. Customer relations is a very big part of our success, and thus we want to make sure that every customer feels that their orders, time, and trust is important to us. This is also why we stand behind our products. If something goes wrong with a new rack purchase, or any order, we will always do our best to make things right (within reason) and typically, at no cost to our customer. We want to see every reptile, every rodent, and every…one thrive in this industry!

   Most of all, we want to provide the best quality products and customer service to this industry. Our products are on the cutting edge in design and will save you time and space while increasing production. If there is anything you want and cannot currently find, please feel free to discuss your needs with us. We will always try to help where we can and we always appreciate any feedback given to us by our customers!

Well-known organizations and personalities that use Freedom Breeder rack systems

BreedersZoosUniversitiesPet Stores
KinovaAustralia ZooUniversity of Ca, BerkeleyPETCO
N.E.R.D.Fort Worth ZooUniversity of ArizonaSun Pet
Ozzy BoidsAmarillo ZooCornell UniversityAPET
Mutation CreationSan Diego ZooUniversity of Ca, IrvineLost World Pets
Small Town XoticsDallas ZooStony Brook UniversityMississippi Pet Supply
Always Evolving PythonsSan Fransisco ZooUniversity of GeorgiaNew World Pet Center
Reach Out ReptilesOakland ZooPortland UniversityNewman’s Fish Foods
Snake DiscoveryNashville ZooUniversity of MissouriPet Land
Royal Canadian ReptilesCincinnati Zoo +
Botanical Garden
University Central FloridaPet Kingdom
Brian KuskoMagetic Hill ZooUniversity IllinoisPrehistoric Pets
JP ReptilesSedgwick County ZooUniversity Northern ColoradoReptiles & Reef
Jason’s Exotic ReptilesVeter-Zoo (Italy)University of LouisianaPet World

Thank you for considering our products, and we look forward to you joining The Freedom Breeder Family!