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   Lindy Johnson was the first to design and introduce the freedom breeder rack systems for reptiles and rodents. As a result today’s top professional breeders as well as serious reptile enthusiasts now use these rack systems. In 1991 Dave and Tracy Barker were the first to receive Lindy’s prototype rodent rack system. Lindy’s design had left them feeling very impressed. Therefore they asked Lindy to design a rack for reptiles. The very next year, Freedom Breeder was established. The racks revolutionized the reptile and rodent breeding industry!

   Since our highly trained and skilled craftsmen create all Freedom Breeder from stainless steel. We make all of our racks and parts in-house with our own machinery. Consequently we take pride in our product and strive to be the best. Our 13,000 square foot facility is located in Turlock, California.

   Throughout the years, it seems like many people have tried to duplicate our rack systems. However, nobody has been able to duplicate our quality. Beware of copy cat products on the market today. Some companies will hire third party manufacturers to make racks and they sell these copycat racks as their own products. Freedom Breeder has built and modified these racks for over 19 years. This is probably why so many industry professionals back us. Zoos, Research Centers, Universities and Top Breeders around the world all use Freedom Breeder Racks! We are the most advanced rack builder on the market because we have the track record to prove it.

Zoos that use Freedom Breeder rack systems:

freedom breeder Rack Systems

Universities that use Freedom Breeder rack systems:

freedom breeder Rack Systems

freedom breeder Rack Systems

Professional Breeders who use Freedom Breeder rack systems:

freedom breeder Rack Systems

Pet Stores around the world include:

freedom breeder Rack Systems

   Customer Relations is a very big part of Freedom Breeder’s success. Therefore every customer is important and treated that way. Hence our own love for reptiles and rodents help us relate to our customers’ needs, wants, and frustrations. If anything goes wrong with a new rack purchase, we’ll fix it for you right away, at no charge. Freedom Breeder will also help you fix up old/used racks. This is because stand by our products and want to see people thrive with them. We really appreciate all of your feedback.

   Most of all, it is our goal as breeders and manafucturers to give you the best quality products and service in the industry. Our products are on the cutting edge in design and will save you time and space while increasing production. If there is anything you want and cannot currently find, please feel free to discuss your needs with us. We will always try to help if we can.

Thank you very much for considering Freedom Breeder!

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