ProLine Rodent Racks

Understanding Freedom Breeder rack model numbers:

  • First two digits: Indicate total number of levels that come (without extra levels) with the rack. 
  • Second two digits: Indicate total number of tubs that this rack will hold (without extra levels).
  • Final digits: Indicate model of tub the rack utilizes (i.e. 1040-40 This rack is 10 levels tall with 40 tubs and utilizes FB40 tubs)

Attention Customers!

  • Due to shipping vibrations, valves may tighten or loosen in-transit. Hand adjustment to valves will be required before use. (Do not use tools to adjust valves!)
  • Check for any disconnected tubing that may have come loose during shipping.
  • Please run water through your new racking systems for a day before placing rodents or bedding in the rack.
  • Adjust valves (tighten/loosen) by hand to stop any leaks and to make sure valves are not too tight. Test again for another day. (Do not tighten with tools!)
This test is to avoid flooding your rodents.

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