Rodent 44-4


Heavy Duty Fan and Filter: *

Add 4 Fans and 4 Filters for maximum rodent holding capacity:

Caster Options *

Add a set of locking casters to your rack:

Valves *

Other Accesories

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Product Description

The perfect addition to a facility that either produces or purchases large numbers of either mice or rats. Heavy duty fans with these units allow the user to hold more rodents in each tray. The trays can be removed from the rack for quick cleaning.

Fans and Filters

The Fans and Filters sit on top of each level blowing down on the rodent removing body heat. With the fans and filter, you can house a quarter more rodents in each tub.

Packing List

(4) Rodent 44 Stainless Steel Levels
(4) 44 series Tubs
(1) Complete Stainless Steel Enclosed Water System with Gravity Reservoir
(1) Standard Base Frame
(4) 4” Heavy Duty Casters

Attention Customers!

1.Please run water through your new racking systems for a day before placing rodents or bedding in the rack.
2.Check for any disconnected tubing.
3.Adjust valves by hand to stop all leaks and test again for another day. (Do not tighten with tools!)

This test is to avoid flooding your rodents.