Rodent 44-5 (NEW)


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This rack is made of J4 Stainless Steel, no rust ever!

The KEY to The Freedom Breeder Systematic Cycle for breeding rats! This is where it all begins and ends!

You will use the Rodent 44-5 or Rodent 44-4 to house your females while they recover from breeding and raise your smalls to breeders when you remove the moms from the Rodent 824-20, 824-70, 832-40, 612-40 or 77-70 to recover.

This is a step up from the Rodent 44-4 “Holding Pen”. The Rodent 55 Holding Pen comes with 5” Width and 3.5” Length more than the Rodent 44 Holding Pen. It gets even better! This system is ideal for keeping a large quantity of rodents to raise up from all sizes ranging Small to Jumbo. This rack is also great for Guinea Pigs.

Just like the Rodent 44-4, heavy duty box fans with these units allow the user to hold more rodents in each tray. The trays can be removed from the rack for quick cleaning.

The Fans and Filters sit on top of each level blowing down on the rodent removing body heat. With the fans and filter, you can house a quarter more rodents in each tub. The filter helps reduce the dust and hair in the air.

This rack has the same frame size (Stack-able) with Rodent Racks 832-40, 824-70, 721-80 and 714-90.

(Rodent 44-4 & Rodent 44-5 have Stainless Steel Water Line Enclosure option included)

Packing List

(4) Rodent 55 Stainless Steel Levels
(1) Complete Stainless Steel Enclosed Water System
(4) Rodent 55 Food Hoppers that can be moved from side to side of each tub.
(4) FB-55 Semi-Clear Tub
(4) Stainless Steel Non-Removable Inserts
(1) Large Base Frame
(4) 4” Heavy Duty Casters

Attention Customers!

1.Please run water through your new racking systems for a day before placing rodents or bedding in the rack.
2.Check for any disconnected tubing.
3.Adjust valves by hand to stop all leaks and test again for another day. (Do not tighten with tools!)

This test is to avoid flooding your rodents.



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