Reptile 1040-40


    Please read full description below for additional rack details, info, packing list, etc.

    • Great for adult male/female ball pythons (or similarly sized snakes) under 2000g
    • Can house up to (40) individual snakes (without additional levels)
    • Utilizes FB40 tubs, available in grey or semi-clear, with or without deli-cup holders.

    Required Options

    (Select what standard options you’d like included with your rack system):

    (Select the style/color of tubs that will be included with your rack):

    (Customize your rack with different heating options):

    (Holds ventilation inserts in-place):

    (25-50% recommended for ball pythons (high humidity species), 100% recommended for colubrids (low humidity species), 0% is only recommended for rooms with plenty of airflow):

    (Complete your rack with a Freedom Breeder Thermostat):

    (Single-zone thermostat requires (1) power strip, dual-zone requires (2) power strips):

    Additional Upgrades:

    (Complete your rack with these optional upgrades):

    (Securely holds probe(s) on heat panel. If using a single-zone thermostat (1) will be needed, if using a dual-zone thermostat (2) will be needed. Select size according to size of heat panels selected above):

    (Securely holds FB Thermostats on top of rack at an angle for easier viewing – NOT compatible with non-Freedom Breeder thermostats):

    Add “extra” levels

    (Select how many additional levels you would like to add to your rack):

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    Reptile 1040-40

       The Reptile 1040-40 reptile rack is made of J4 Stainless Steel, no rust.. ever. With the exact same dimension as our staple Reptile 1030 rack, we designed the Reptile 1040 rack with one thing in mind: to add 10 additional tubs to allow more animals to be kept in the same amount of space. Because they are great for multiple species of reptiles, we actually house female ball pythons or big breeder males in this rack. With the narrower tub design, the animals seem to express a greater sense of security in the FB40 tub.

    If you have any questions about our reptile racks regarding pricing, options, measurements, or just more general info please reach out to us at any time. Please contact Tyler via email:

    Recent PRICE REDUCTION for the now easier to use ventilation clips! (See Reptile Racks page for details.)

    Packing List

    (10) Reptile 1040 Stainless Steel Levels
    (40) FB40 Tubs
    (10) 5″Heat panels
    (1) Large Base Frame
    (4) 4” Heavy Duty Casters



    Total: 73.625″(H) x 55.5″(W) x 33.5″(D)

    Level Height: 6.75″


    About Freedom Breeder Reptile Racks

       Our highly trained and skilled craftsmen build all Freedom Breeder racks in-house. As a result, our staff is able to make changes immediately. We take pride in our product and strive to be the best. We learn something new everyday. As we learn, we incorporate that knowledge into our rack building. Freedom Breeder Racks are the original metal breeding caging.

       Many have tried to copy our racks throughout the years. No one has been able to copy our quality. Third party companies make most of the copy cat racks. This is because making stainless steel caging involves the use of heavy duty machinery. Freedom Breeder has now been building these racks for over 19 years. So it only makes sense that professionals back our products. Freedom Breeder Racks are used around the world by zoos, research centers, colleges and top breeders. We have a solid track record of proving that we make the highest quality product because of this.

       It is because we are breeders and manufacturers ourselves that we give you the best quality products and service in the industry. We use all of our own products on a large scale. Therefore our products are on the cutting edge in design and will save you time and space. Your production is increased all the while. We are committed to our product. So we will always be here to answer any questions or concerns you might have, first hand.

    We at Freedom Breeder would like to thank you for considering our products!


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    Additional information

    Dimensions 33.5 × 55.5 × 73.625 in

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