Petaluma Wildlife Museum

Extremely Pleased!

We have been using the Freedom Breeder products for the past six years, and we have been extremely please with all of our purchases. Both of our Rodent breeding racks are still in use, and are functioning just as well as the day we received them. Our more newly purchased ball python breeding rack is working much more efficiently compared to our previous system, and we have produced numerous ball pythons in the few short years that we have had our rack. The customer service is also top notch; very knowledgeable and friendly employees answered  all of the questions that we had prior to a rack purchase. All in all, no one even comes close to beating or even matching the superior products and customer service of Freedom Breeder.

Jordan James

Petaluma Wildlife Museum

The best money can buy

As far as I’m concerned, the best commercial caging available. I currently use the reptile 66-4 model, and have used the Reptile 66-6 model in the past. These are basically the finest racks that money can buy.

Greg Carlson

I just wanted to let you know that my 30 tub CB70 rack is awesome. I am just getting into the hobby and was using glass reptile cages with under tank heaters and lighting on top. I hated dealing with them and the time consuming chore of cleaning them on a routine basis. The CB70 makes it so easy and enjoyable to take care of my ball pythons. My snakes seem to be very happy in their new environment. I also like the hide boxes that you offer and the ease of cleaning them as well. I always believe in purchasing a quality product and your rack systems are the best I have seen in my research prior to buying one. I definitely plan on purchasing the FB small drawer rack for baby pyhtons when the time comes.


Greg Carlson
Eagan, MN

Joe Hefner BSB/M, MBA

Freedom Breeder

I just wanted to tell you I loved the CB70 rack and my other rack that holds 80 smaller Ball Pythons. Adding the additional racks on top allowed me to store more Breeders in them and more babies. I was surprised to receive both racks so fast in two days after I bought them. The racks look like they will last many decades due to being made so well. I hope too order some more racks real soon as we grow. I have already shown the new racks to a few friends and they love them as well. They have stated they want the same set up. Great product! Keep up the great craftsmanship.

Joseph Hefner MBA

Best Regards,

Hefner Realty LLC
Joe Hefner BSB/M, MBA
Owner / Designated Broker
Residential & Commercial Realtor
Business Broker
Property Management

Kristian Eriksson

“I can highly recommend freedom breeders rack to anyone that’s interested in keeping their snakes in a professional way and in a secure and safe environment.
Here at Universeum we are working mainly with venomous snakes and the screen lids are perfect for extra protection when taking out the boxes for cleaning.
We are using the rack for species as, deathadders, small Gaboonvipers, sawscaled vipers, Mangshan pitvipers, baby king cobras among others”.

Kristian Eriksson
Reptile curator

Steve Walker Reptiles

Hi Freedom Breeder,

Just wanted to say a big thank you for shipping my Freedom Breeder 30 tub CB-70 rack to Scotland, U.K in a timely fashion, not only does the rack perform flawlessly you even pre-wired it to work in the U.K. I for one will be ordering again next year.


Steve Walker
Steve Walker Reptiles

Riverside Reptile Breeders

Thanks so much and you have a great product here.
We purchased 3 complete rodent racks and 2 complete reptile racks..and are very happy.

Pat Dunnigan
Riverside Reptile Breeders


I wanted to tell you last week that your racks arrived. They are absolutely beautiful. Now we are just awaiting the arrival of our snakes.

Thanks so much for your excellent product. It really does stand above the rest.


Vince Pramuk Reptiles

Thanks a ton you have been great to work with very professional.

Vincent Pramuk
Vince Pramuk Reptiles

Morten, Denmark

These racks are very fine. Really good quality.
Easy and quick to assemble. All snakes do well in them and the temperature is easy to manage.
I would certainly buy racks from Freedom Breeder again.


Morten, Denmark

Snake Charmer Ball Pythons

Just to let you know, all my sheds on my ball pythons have been coming off perfect. The plastic tops are phenomenal .They keep everything stable so you get a nice, even and clean shed.

Thanks again Freedom Breeder,
Kelly—Snake Charmer Ball Pythons

Chris Wolf


Chris Wolf

Charlton Kangas

Dear Freedom Breeder,

I recently bought a 30-slot CB70 Freedom Breeder rack and I wanted to take this opportunity to share my experience with you. Coming from the hospitality industry, I have high expectations when it comes to customer service and you surpassed my expectations. Let me explain why you made this a very memorable experience for me.

I had been shopping for this style rack about a week before contacting you. In fact, I was in the process of finalizing the deal with another company. At first, they were responsive to my inquiries. As more questions and concerns arose, all the communication from them stopped, rather abruptly. I still haven’t heard from them to this day. I decided to continue shopping and remembered that your company used to be located right down the street from my home. I figured I could save on shipping since the other company was quoting me $400 to ship.

After I found you online, I noticed your business had relocated to Turlock, which is about 1-hour away, but still within driving distance. I appreciated your quick response to my emails. I was floored when you offered to drop-off the rack to me personally! That was extremely helpful because I wasn’t equipped to transport the rack myself. It saved me the hassle of renting a trailer big enough to fit all the pieces of the rack, including the multiple levels and tubs. On top of that, you were flexible about adding a few upgrade options I was interested in, which made the decision a no-brainer. I was so pleased with this deal that I decided to purchase the rack right on the spot.

I was also pleasantly surprise when you actually delivered the rack the very next day. Not only that, but you helped me get everything inside the house, carry it upstairs, and assemble the rack saving me tons of time. I was very impressed with the rack after it was set up. The product itself also exceeded my expectations. The next day, when I had a few more questions about my new rack, you were prompt to reply and get me back on track.

Overall, I rate this experience A++! It was so refreshing to do business with a company that will go above and beyond without any hesitation that I felt compelled to share my testimonial with you. I have no reservations about recommending your business and products to others. I would be happy to serve as a reference should you have any potential customers “on the fence” about doing business with you. These racks aren’t cheap, which is why I was diligent about my research. But after receiving your top of the line service, I’m glad I went with Freedom Breeder. I look forward to doing business with you again.

Charlton Kangas

Roussis Reptiles Owner

“We have been using Freedom Racks since the mid 1990s, our original racks are over 15 years old, have survived 4 moves and are still going strong. The new removable tops are very versatile and have allowed us to make modifications to meet our varying humidity needs. Lindy has been a pleasure to deal with on both a professional and personal level. Thanks for a great rack Lindy!”

Steve Roussis
Roussis Reptiles Owner

Dale DeNardo, DVM, PhD

Freedom Breeder drawer cages were a revolutionary design and continue to be the best option for housing snakes in limited space. In addition to being extremely space efficient, the Freedom Breeder interchangeable shelves provide much needed flexibility. Freedom Breeder cages also make it easy to provide the animals with a clean, well-ventilated environment. It is hard to imagine conducting my research without these cages.

Dale DeNardo, DVM, PhD
Associate Professor
School of Life Sciences
Chair, Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee
Arizona State University

Jessica LeBel – Paint Morph

The experience I had with Freedom Breeder from start to finish was flawless. The customer service I received was above and beyond expectations I had for a company that has the best racks in the business. They were never too busy to answer my every question. I received my hatchling rack in perfect condition, it was easy to put together and will hold my baby ball pythons for nearly two years! So it’s perfect for housing the ones you’re going to sell plus the ones you want to hold back before they have to be moved into a CB70 bin. Perfect!

Jessica LeBel – Paint Morph

Shawn Daugherty

You have been “the” highest quality manufacturer of your type for many years. Then someone comes along steals your idea, markets them as their own, and make profit off of your hard work. No thanks, not for me. Even if I save a dime, I’d rather support real innovation. I like the idea of supporting you guys as opposed to buying from copy-cats”.

Thank you Freedom Breeder,
Shawn Daugherty

Kelly—Snake Charmer Ball Pythons

My new Freedom Breeder Compact Rack is outstanding. The quality and craftsmanship put into these racks sets the industry standard. Freedom breeder also makes any size you need from large scale operations to small scale breeders like myself. The new adjustable vent system works great and creates a safe and controllable environment for my snakes. Thanks Freedom Breeder………

Kelly—Snake Charmer Ball Pythons

Major League Reptiles

I officially have all the rack brands in this business. Nothing can beat the
new Freedom Breeder racks. These aren’t just user friendly, durable,
lighter, and well built racks. They are snake friendly! Soft plastic
replaceable lids with adjustable ventilation is awesome for my animals. I no
longer have to be concerned with nose rub or any problems with any of my
ball pythons. The 25% ventilation helps maintain proper humidity even in
arid Southern California. These assemble easy with precision machining that
make breakdown and transport much easier. Removable lids can be easily
cleaned and even snakes with different humidity requirements can be house
side by side with the interchangeable ventilation system. I have only good
things to say about these racks and the people who make them. Major League
Reptiles chooses Freedom Breeder!


Brant Rustich
Major League Reptiles

Shane Graham

Lindy and Jessy Johnson, father and son what a pleasure to work with these two gentlemen.

Recently purchased a custom snake rack from this family owned and run company. After the initial phone conversation they bent over backwards to accommodate me. I am a 60 year disabled veteran USAF and retired Fire Chief with limited remaining mobility. They not only offered to deliver to Sonoma, ca. From Turlock ca. But then set up and installed the rack. Lindy then explained in detail how everything worked. I was then invited down to tour their facilities. Impressive set up. They gave me the grand tour and showed me everything. From the snake and rodent rack fabrication area to all the thousands of ball pythons. Needless to say I then purchased some high quality morphs. Thanks again for your hospitality and time. I am sure we will be continuing to do business in the future

Shane Graham.

Alec Hubka

My friend bought a rack from Freedom Breeder at a reptile show and I purchased 2 Freedom Breeder racks used from someone else at the reptile show. The people from freedom breeder helped load my friends rack and even helps load my 2 racks even though I didn’t purchase the racks from them. A++ service and A++ rack systems.

Thanks Freedom Breeder

Alec Hubka

IceFyre Reptiles

As one of the Biggest Pioneers in the business and a true family run business I’m very pleased and Proud to say that you cannot get better customer service and products anywhere else in the World.

Fantastic, Phenomenal, Brilliant, Original, Honest, Trustworthy, Unique, Excellence is but a couple of words that comes to mind when I think of Freedom Breeder, Lindy Johnson & Jessy Johnson.

From: All the way from Sunny South Africa.

We in South Africa is honored to have your Products and Blood lines.


Henry P. Kemp

Chris Dobbs

These guys have an AMAZING selection of ball pythons! It was almost overwhelming. Jessy was patient enough to spend a couple hours with me while I made my decisons. If my pockets were deeper, I would have left with a tub full of snakes!


Chris Dobbs

Yonatan Ortiz Rodrguez

I have 6 of these racks so far the best investment I’ve done.


Yonatan Ortiz Rodrguez

Jimmy Cruz – Ball Life

Best racks ever!! Great customer service… Lookin forward 2 gettin more racks as well as snakes in the future!


Owner of Ball Life

Jimmy Cruz

Dan Gregory

Jessy answered TONS of my questions! While they offer a superior product, said product is surpassed by their exellent customer service! Thanks Jessy!


Dan Gregory

Josh Jacki

Just put together our two FB 1030 racks. Super quick and easy but very sturdy and well built. Excellent customer service and prompt replies. Thanks! Will order again.


Josh Jacki

Peoria Snake Den

These racks are fantastic! We absolutely love them and recommend you guys to anybody who even mentions wanting a rack. You guys will have our business for as long as we are in the business.

Fred & Colleen

David Messri – Motion Reptile

Purchased multiple racks from them. Only rack system I trust and will use.

Very trustworthy company. They always keep their word.

Breeze Jones

Recieved my FB20-SC Tubs today. Quick shipping. Flawless product. Awesome customer service!

Thanks Freedom Breeder!!

Chris Luciano

I want to give a huge shout out to Jesse from freedom breeders he did a fantastic job on my Custom Made Rack that I truly love thank you so much…

Jason Raimondi – Jason’s Exotic Reptiles

This review is long overdue. After years of research into pretty much all rack and cage companies, I finally took the plunge. My new freedom breeder racks are incredible. I have a bunch of the old racks and those are great, but the new design is awesome. They look amazing and are such high quality. I will NEVER waste my time with hand built or plastic racks again. Everyone was very helpful and responsive. Huge thank you to Jessy! I really cannot say enough good about these racks. They are perfect.You won’t fully

You won’t fully understand how perfect until you have your own and get to use them yourself. I plan to buy many more soon.

Chris Floyd

I just bought a custom rack from this amazing company. By far, the best investment I’ve made for my snakes. Thanks to Jessy Johnson, I got exactly what I wanted and more importantly what I needed. I told him what I have and what my plans are for my future in snakes and he did the rest. I’m so happy with my rack that I have already ordered my custom addition.

And if you happen to stop by their shop, good luck leaving without one of their designer morphs. Best collection I’ve ever seen!!!

Jody Morphing Balls Colo Spgs, CO

The staff at Freedom Breeder are amazing and Jessy has answered every question I’ve asked in an extremely timely manner. My rack was quick and easy to assemble and my snakes are happy campers. I will continue to be a loyal customer in the future and would recommend these systems to everyone.

Morphing Balls
Colo Spgs, CO

Mike Creighton

Best rack I have had to this day. Everything works like butter easy to maintain and very space saver. Great system, keep up the good work guys. I’m even debating on getting another rack.

Richard Allen – Reptile Rapture

Freedom Breeder YouTube Review

Great Racks best on the market. If interested on seeing how well they work we have a video on them at Reptile Rapture’s YouTube channel. Service, shipping and quality of the racks is great. Thanks again.

Beautiful Specter Female Ball Python

The folks at Freedom Breeder were super easy to work with buying a nice female specter ball python for a super stripe project I want to work with next year. They answered my questions, provided updated weight and photo, and securely packed her with overnight delivery to my nearest FedEx Hub Ship Center. The snake arrived over night and was considerably more beautiful in real life than the photos.

Thank you Freedom Breeder! I’ll definitely be back to buy more snakes, tubs, etc.

Andrew Rose

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  • I’m great friends with Brian Kusko and when he came here to visit I fell in love with his Freedom Breeders shirt and it was even more amazing in person than I’d seen on his videos and having raised snakes for 58 years I’ve followed Freedom Breeders for a long time now and ordered a shirt for myself to sport around in because of the excellent quality of the shirt and it’s one fine looking piece of apparel !! I’m sure I will be ordering more in the near future !!

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