Product Reviews

Ball Python Tub Sizes

In this video, Justin Kobylka of JKR will demonstrate how he houses his ball pythons from hatchling through adult, which rack models and tub sizes he uses for each life stage and size range, and how he knows when a snake is ready to be moved up (or down) in Freedom Breeder Racks.

Breaking Down CocoBlox

In this video, our very own Jimmy Cruz (owner of Ball Life) will demonstrate just how easy it is to break down CocoBlox.

Emily reviews our Thermostat

Emily Roberts of Snake Discovery does a comprehensive review of our thermostat. Comparing it to two of the leading brands.

Miguel Garcia gets new Racks

Miguel Garcia of Always Evolving Pythons lets us know how he feels about his new Freedom Breeder reptile racks.

Brian Gundy loves his Rodent Racks

Brian Gundy of For Goodness Snakes lets us know how he feels about his new Freedom Breeder rodent racks.

Freedom Breeder for Strength!

Garrett Hartle of Reach Out Reptiles has a shipping mishap with his new Freedom Breeder reptile racks. He shows us the aftermath in a live video.

Snake Discovery Review of CocoBlox

Emily Roberts of the hit YouTube channel Snake Discovery gives our new CocoBlox substrate a try. Hilarity enusues!

JKR gets a Reptile 1040

Justin Kobylka of JKR gives us a review of his new Freedom Breeder Reptile Rack.

Whole Breeding Room full of Freedom Breeder!

Richard of Reptile Rapture shows us his back breeding room full of Freedom Breeder Snake Racks.

Setting up the CocoBlox Shaker

Shane of Small Town Exotics shows us his process of setting up the CocoBlox Shaker.

CocoBlox vs. Reptichip

Marshal Platz of Marshal Law Morphs gives an unbiased review of the two leading coconut substrates and breaks both down in his new CocoBlox Shaker.

Is CocoBlox the Best?

Jason Raimondi of Jason’s Exotic Reptiles gives his review of CocoBlox on his YouTube channel.

Coco Side by Side

Andrew Lyons of Redwood Reptiles LLC does a side by side comparison of CocoBlox next to Reptichip on his YouTube channel.

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About the Freedom Breeder Rack

Our highly trained and skilled craftsmen build all Freedom Breeder Rack Shelves in-house. As a result, our staff is able to make changes immediately. We take pride in our product and strive to be the best. We learn something new everyday. As we learn, we incorporate that knowledge into our rack building. Freedom Breeder Racks are the original metal breeding caging.

Many have tried to copy our racks throughout the years. No one has been able to copy our quality. Third party companies make most of the copy cat racks. This is because making stainless steel caging involves the use of heavy duty machinery. Freedom Breeder has now been building these racks for over 19 years. So it only makes sense that professionals back our products. Freedom Breeder Racks are used around the world by zoos, research centers, colleges and top breeders. We have a solid track record of proving that we make the highest quality product because of this.

It is because we are breeders and manufacturers ourselves that we give you the best quality products and service in the industry. We use all of our own products on a large scale. Therefore our products are on the cutting edge in design and will save you time and space. Your production is increased all the while. We are committed to our product. So we will always be here to answer any questions or concerns you might have, first hand.

We at Freedom Breeder would like to thank you for considering our products!


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