Rodent 1050


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Product Description

This rack is made of 304 Stainless Steel, no rust.. ever.

If you have ever kept mice in aquariums, you know how frustrating it can be to clean, feed and water them; not to mention how much room they can occupy. We wanted to eliminate all the inconveniences of aquariums by building rodent rack systems to begin with. They make sanitation easier, and feeding and watering a full-size rack takes only a few minutes. No matter how many rodents you need to produce, it doesn’t get easier than with a Freedom Breeder rodent rack.

Packing List

(10) Rodent 1050 Stainless Steel Levels
(50) FB10 Tubs
(1) Complete Stainless Steel Enclosed Water System with Gravity Reservoir
(1) Standard Base Frame
(4) 4” Heavy Duty Casters


Attention Customers!

1.Please run water through your new racking systems for a day before placing rodents or bedding in the rack.
2.Check for any disconnected tubing.
3.Adjust valves by hand to stop all leaks and test again for another day. (Do not tighten with tools!)

This test is to avoid flooding your rodents.