Rodent Drinking Valves


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  • 3/16 barbed-end rodent drinking valve
  • Available in brass or stainless steel
  • Diaphragm or spring loaded options available
  • Tapered end on valves helps reduce leaks/floods caused by debris or bedding that can get stuck in valve tip

All of these valves have been in use at our facility for nearly 30 years, and all valve work equally as well. Diaphragm valves are typically recommended for mice and African Soft Furs (ASFs) – as small rodents can find difficulties in actuating the spring loaded valves. Stainless steel valves will not rust over time, however internal O-rings (brass and stainless steel) should be inspected regularly and replaced if necessary. Valves will need to be adjusted before use.

WARNING – Do not use tools to adjust valve flow rate. By-hand adjustment only.

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Brass, Stainless steel


Diaphragm, Spring loaded