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CocoBlox is our premium coconut husk substrate and is triple-washed to remove dust and other particulates. Coconut husk is 100% organic, and is 100% sustainable. Coconut substrates have proven to be a superior substrate in the industry due to it’s moisture retention and natural anti-microbial properties. CocoBlox is a perfect substrate for reptiles, amphibians, arachnids, and even insects. CocoBlox can be sprayed with water for mid-to-high humidity species, or can be left dry for low-humidity species. Because CocoBlox are manufactured to be the chunkiest, you do not have to worry about hatchlings accidentally ingesting the substrate, which can lead to costly vet bills and possibly fatal impaction issues later on. CocoBlox will also hold moisture better (and for longer periods of time) in comparison to other coconut husk substrates on the market, due to these chunkier pieces. CocoBlox can easily maintain 60%+ humidity for longer periods without the need for daily misting. CocoBlox can also maintain 80%+ humidity for multiple days.

Our CocoBlox are press-packed into blocks for easy shipping, stacking and storage, but are not packed so tightly that blocks cannot be broken down while dry. CocoBlox (breeder blocks) will expand (when sprayed with water) up to ~2.5 cubic feet and this is enough to will fill ~5-8 FB70 tubs (depending on the depth of substrate used.) CocoBlox are very low in sodium and maintain a PH level between 5.5-6.5. CocoBlox should be stored in a cool dry area with plenty of ventilation. A tub with a ventilated lid usually works great! Any unused (wet) CocoBlox should be allowed to dry out completely before storing.

When switching from another substrate and trying CocoBlox for the first time, we recommend breaking down the blocks while they are dry and then spraying with water. Then just mix and spray more water, until you have reached the desired moisture level. We have found that CocoBlox can be sprayed less than you typically would need for most other coconut substrates…its just THAT good! Any substrate should always be thoroughly inspected before use, in case any foreign debris was inadvertently left in during production. This is rare, but can occur in CocoBlox due to how CocoBlox manufactured, triple-washed, and packaged.

WARNING: You will want to ensure that your tubs and/or enclosures have proper airflow – as not enough airflow can cause mycelium growth. Please be aware: mycelium is white in color and looks almost like spider webs on top of the substrate. Mycelium is not toxic or harmful to you, your family or your reptiles, but should be dealt with and is a sign that your tubs or enclosures do not have enough airflow. Mycelium can be easily treated (and removed) by lightly spraying directly with tap water and increasing airflow (as tap water contains trace amounts of chlorine which will kill the mycelium.) Mycelium will only grow where there is little to no light and where air is stagnant. Reptiles should always have fresh air circulating throughout their tub or enclosure – as stagnant air can contribute and lead to respiratory infections (RI). Coconut mold however, is black in coloration and can be harmful. Any substrate that appears to be molding should be removed from tubs/enclosures immediately. However, this is very rare due to the moisture level in combination with not enough airflow, and time required for coconut husk to mold.

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Half-pallet (105 blocks), Full-pallet (210 blocks)