Venomous 0808-07


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Pick from a variety of tub styles

Heating Options * 

Customize your rack with different heating options

Ventilaton Options * 

Choose from 50% or 100% Ventilation

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Choose from locking or non-locking casters

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Complete your custom rack with a thermostat

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No one really wants to open their rattlesnake’s house only to have it jump out. So we added an extra security feature to our racks for anyone keeping hot species. Venomous racks come with a secure steel topper on each tray. Each one can be individually locked, has a hinged front opening, and can be easily removed for cleaning and full accessibility.

Packing List

(8) Venomous 808-07 Stainless Steel Levels
(8) FB80 Tubs
(8) Venomous lids
(8) 5″ Heating panels
(1) Standard Base Frame
(4) 4” Heavy Duty Casters

Additional information

Dimensions 3318 × 2014 × 7238 in