Rodent 714-90 (NEW)


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Choose from locking or non-locking casters

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Food hopper installed in the front or back of each level.

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Product Description

The Rodent 714-90 is great rack for organizing rodent sales. This rack is also awesome for larger colony breeding. This rack has the same frame size (Stackable) with Rodent Rack 55, 832-40, 824-70 and 721-80.

We also offer Stainless Steel Water Line Enclosures for all of our rodent racks. For questions and pricing please call 209-664-9600.

(Rodent 44 & Rodent 55 have Stainless Steel Water Line Enclosure option included)

Packing List

(7) Reptile 714-90 Stainless Steel Levels
(1) Complete Water System with Gravity Reservoir
(7) Food Hoppers that can be moved from front to back of the level.
(14) FB-90 Semi-Clear Tub
(14) Stainless Steel Removable Inserts
(1) Large Base Frame
(4) 4” Heavy Duty Casters


Attention Customers!

1.Please run water through your new racking systems for a day before placing rodents or bedding in the rack.
2.Check for any disconnected tubing.
3.Adjust valves by hand to stop all leaks and test again for another day. (Do not tighten with tools!)

This test is to avoid flooding your rodents.