Reptile 1030


Tub Options *

Pick from a variety of tub styles:

Heating Options *

Customize your rack with different heating options:

Ventilation: *

Choose from 4 different ventilation inserts, depending on your desired humidity:

Caster Options *

Choose from locking or non-locking casters:

Large Side Clips

Add Side Clips to your order:

Thermostat Options *

Complete your custom rack with a thermostat:

Thermostat Probe Bracket

Add Thermostat Probe Bracket to your order (2 per FB Thermostat / Only for 5″ Heat Panels):

Stainless Steel Rack Shelf

Thermostat Brackets *

Add a Thermostat bracket to your order:

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Product Description

When we designed our Reptile 1030 rack, we wanted to create the most versatile professional reptile rack available. Today this rack still stands up as the most popular rack size among hobbyists and professional institutions throughout the world for not only ball pythons, but also for keeping a myriad of other species. Perfect for everything from leopard gecko colonies, to colubrids and ball pythons, we guarantee that our Reptile 1030 rack will be the best housing you have ever provided for your animals.

Packing List

(10) Reptile 1030 Stainless Steel Levels
(10) 5″ Heat Panels
(30) FB70 Tubs
(1) Large Base Frame
(4) 4” Heavy Duty Casters



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