Reptile 0808-80(W)

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Required options

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(Customize your rack with different heating options):

(Hold ventilation inserts in-place):

(25-50% recommended for Ball pythons (high humidity species), 100% recommended for colubrids (low humidity species), 0% is only recommended for rooms with plenty of airflow.):

(Complete your rack with a Freedom Breeder Thermostat):

(Single-zone thermostat requires (1) power strip, dual-zone thermostat requires (2) power strips):

Additional upgrades:

(Complete your rack with these optional upgrades):

(Securely holds probe(s) on heat panel. If using a single-zone thermostat (1) will be needed, if using a dual-zone thermostat (2) will be needed. Select size according to size of heat panels selected above):

(Securely holds FB Thermostats on top of rack at an angle for easier viewing (is not compatible with non-Freedom Breeder thermostats):

Add “extra” levels

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Reptile 0808-80(W)

Classic Series | Compact Frame | Complete Rack

FB80 Tubs | 1 Tubs per level | 8 Levels | 8 Tub slots

Recommended for: Burmese Python (hatchling), Reticulated Python (hatchling), Ball Python (adult – 2000g+), or similarly sized species

   The Classic Reptile 0808-80 rack is perfect for someone with limited space or a smaller collection that doesn’t need one of our full-sized rack systems. Our FB80 tub allows for more head room in comparison to our FB70 tubs while still providing plenty of floor space for your favorite species. The FB80 tub is the same length and width as the FB70 tub, but provides 2″ of additional head room. We have found this tub to be a perfect fit for our larger female ball pythons (2000g and higher), smaller boa species, and anything else of similar in size. So, if you have limited room space, whether your breeding Retics or just want to provide a bit more vertical space for your adult ball pythons, the Classic Reptile 0808-80 rack will be perfect for you! Tubs can also be upgraded with window option for easy viewing without needing to open the tubs.

To purchase this model “by level” (less than a “complete” rack – 8 levels) or add-on levels for an existing reptile 0808-80 – Click Here

*** Please be aware that All Freedom Breeder racks are constructed with a 1/8” gap between the top of each tub and the bottom of the rack frame. This is to provide sufficient airflow and to allow tubs to slide more smoothly. Some smaller species/hatchlings may be able to escape and should be considered before ordering.


Rack Features

  • Welded J4 Stainless Steel Frame – All levels are welded with interlocking leg connectors to create a sturdy, long-lasting, and versatile construction. J4 stainless steel is lightweight and will not rust! (Compared to our old galvanized steel rack design.)
  • Injection Molded Tubs – Available in Grey or Semi-clear colors and can be either flat or with a molded 16oz. deli-cupholder (deli-cups sold separately.)
  • Hanging Tub Design – Tubs hang from channels rather than resting on a shelf – prevents heat element damage/wear.
  • Custom Heat Panels – Panels are designed to sit flush, just below the tubs, to eliminate any risk of tubs rubbing against heating element (can cause wear and possible shorts/failure.) Metal panels enables heat to more evenly disperse across the whole panel to prevent hot spots. Our insulation upgrade can further increase the efficiency of the panels and can save on energy costs.
  • Individually Wired Heat Panels – Makes cleaning, troubleshooting simple and seamless. A single panel can be removed without needing to cut power to the whole rack.
  • Extra/Add-on Levels – Can be ordered with your rack to increase rack capacity or ordered separately and added on later, via our Custom Per Level – Compact ordering page if/when your rack needs change.
  • Removable/Replaceable Parts – Vent clips, ventilation inserts, heat panels, and tubs can be easily removed make cleaning and maintenance quick and easy!
  • Stacking Compatibility – Due to the unique dimensions of the 0808-80(W) rack, no other rack models can be stacked with this rack/level model.

Packing List

  • (8) Reptile 0808-80 levels (Classic series – Compact frame size)
  • (8) FB80 tubs (Windowed and non-windowed tub options available in options above.)
  • (8) 5” or 7″ Heat panels (Insulated heat panel upgrade available in options above.)
  • (1) Compact Base Frame and casters



  • Full rack: 19 7/8″(W) x 33 1/2″(D) x 72 5/8″(H)
  • Individual level (height): 8 7/16″
  • Base frame & casters (height): 6 1/2″
  • Tub (FB80): 33 1/2″(L) x 17 1/2″(W) x 7″(H).

*What’s Included and Dimensions are based on a “complete” rack – (8) levels and does not account for any extra/add-on levels.

Additional information

Dimensions 3318 × 2014 × 7238 in

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