Reptile 0824-W


Cup Holder Options *

Add a 16oz. deli-cup holder to all your tubs

Heating options *

Customize your rack with different heating options

Ventilation: *

Choose from 4 different ventilation inserts, depending on your desired humidity

Caster Options *

Choose from locking or non-locking casters

Large Side Clips

Select Side Clips for your order:

Thermostat *

Add a Thermostat to complete your rack

Thermostat Probe Bracket *

Add Thermostat Probe Bracket to your order (2 per FB Thermostat / Only for 5″ Heat Panels):

Thermostat Brackets *

Add a Thermostat bracket to your order:

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Product Description

Freedom Breeder designed the FB80-W tubs to allow more head room for your favorite species. The tubs are the same length and width as our popular FB70 tub, but 7″ deep instead of 5″ deep. We have found this rack to be a perfect fit for our larger female ball pythons (2500g and higher), smaller boa species and anything else similar in size.. just an overall great breeding tub.

Packing List

(8) Reptile 824-W Stainless Steel Levels
(24) FB80-W Tubs
(8) 5” Heating panels
(1) Standard Base Frame
(4) 4” Heavy Duty Casters


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