ProLine 840-10-5

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All valves are barbed to securely fasten to tubing. Diaphragm recommended for mice, spring-loaded for rats. Select material and style below.

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About the ProLine 840-10-5 Rodent Rack

Our NEW ProLine 840-10-5 Rodent Rack have the same “Freedom Breeder” quality with our new and improved easy-glide plastic rails. Thanks to the lower cost of the plastic parts, along with the rack coming unassembled we are able to release these racks at a reduced, more affordable price for our customers. The ProLine 840-10-5 rodent rack is perfect for rat maternity tub to give the mother rats privacy and security to nurse their babies with increased headroom in comparison to the Rodent/ProLine 1050-10 racks.


:Important Specs:

Dimensions: 75.25″ (H) x 50″ (W) x 21.5″ (D)

Tub Dimensions: (FB10-5): 21.5″ (L) x 9.25″ (W) x 5″ (H)

::Packing List::

  • (8) Proline 840-10-5 levels – Frame (made of J4 Stainless Steel)
  • (40) Rodent (FB10-5) ventilation inserts
  • (40) Plastic ventilation clips – Clips on front to hold inserts in-place.
  • (32) Center channels
  • (8) Side channels (Left)
  • (8) Side channels (Right)
  • (40) Water valves – Multiple options available.
  • (32) Level connectors – Used to stack and connect each level.
  • (40) FB10-5 tubs 
  • (1) Base frame (Standard) 
  • (4) Heavy duty casters – Can select locking or non-locking.

Will also include:

  • Pop rivets – Used to install plastic channels on rack.
  • Waterlines – With all necessary hoses and connectors.