ProLine 721-30

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All valves are barbed to securely fasten to tubing. Diaphragm recommended for mice, spring-loaded for rats. Select material and style below.

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About the ProLine 721-30 Rodent Rack

Our NEW ProLine 721-30 Rodent Rack have the same “Freedom Breeder” quality with our new and improved easy-glide plastic rails. Thanks to the lower cost of the plastic parts, along with the rack coming unassembled we are able to release these racks at a reduced, more affordable price for our customers. The ProLine 721-30 rodent rack is perfect for breeding small groups of rats. Once baby rats are pup-sized they can be moved into this rack for community nursing in small groups. In comparison to our ProLine 824-20 Rodent Rack, this rack has one less level. The FB30 tubs are the same footprint size as our FB20 tub, but is 7″ tall vs. 5″ on the FB20s. This provides the rodents slightly more head room.


:Important Specs:

Dimensions: 81 3/32″ (H) x 50″ (W) x 21 1/2″ (D)

Tub Dimensions: (FB30): 21 1/2″ (L) x 15 1/2″ (W) x 7″ (H)

::Packing List::

  • (7) Proline 721-30 levels – Frame (made of J4 Stainless Steel)
  • (21) Rodent (FB30) ventilation inserts
  • (21) Plastic ventilation inserts – Clips on front to hold inserts in-place.
  • (14) Center channels
  • (7) Side channels (Left)
  • (7) Side channels (Right)
  • (21) Water valves – Multiple options available.
  • (28) Level connectors – Used to stack and connect each level.
  • (21) FB30 tubs – Only available in semi-clear.
  • (1) Base frame (Standard) 
  • (4) Heavy duty casters – Can select locking or non-locking.

Will also include:

  • Pop rivets – Used to install plastic channels on rack.
  • Waterlines – With all necessary hoses and connectors.