ProLine 1010-70

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Please read full description below for additional rack details, info, packing list, etc.

  • Compact design for limited space
  • Ideal for adult Ball Pythons (2000g or more)
  • Can house up to (10) individual snakes
  • Does not include rivet gun or rubber mallet (see below)

Required Options

Select what standard options you’d like to include with your rack system:

Select from a variety tub styles:

Select heat panel sizes and whether or not to add insulation:

Select your desired ventilation percentage. Higher percentage will increase airflow and decrease humidity.

Complete your rack with a Freedom Breeder thermostat:

If using single-zone thermostat, (1) power strip will be needed.
If using dual or quad-zone thermostat, (2) power strips will be needed.

Additional Upgrades:

Securely holds probe(s) on heat panel. If using a single-zone thermostat (1) will be needed, if using a dual-zone thermostat (2) will be needed. Select size according to size of heat panels selected above.

Securely holds FB Thermostats on top of rack at an angle for easier viewing (is not compatible with non-Freedom Breeder thermostats.

Add More Rack Levels

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ProLine 1010-70 | Compact rack

   The NEW ProLine 1010-70 compact rack is finally here! This racks tubs size is perfect for large breeding-sized adult ball pythons (2000g or more.) Just like our original 1010-70 reptile rack, we wanted to create the most versatile and professional reptile rack available. While still utilizing a J4 Stainless Steel frame – we retain the same quality, durability, sturdiness, and of course – No Rust.

   Our new ProLine Series racks have expanded and improved on that standard. Now with our new ProLine plastic rails, your tubs will slide and glide in-and-out of the rack with ease. No more plastic shavings from tubs rubbing against metal rails!

   To reduce on costs of manufacturing and shipping, all ProLine racks will ship unassembled. We are so excited to bring all of these new improvements and innovations to our customers at a new – less expensive price point!

We hope you enjoy Freedom Breeder’s NEW ProLine 1010-70 compact rack!



  • Check out/add a Thermostat Bracket to hold your Freedom Breeder thermostat above your rack at a set angle for easy visibility (Not compatible with Spyder Robotics thermostats (Herpstats) or Vivarium Electronics thermostats.)

Click on the highlighted option to view product:

  • Check out/add Freedom Breeder Thermostat Probe Brackets to hold and secure your thermostat probe, which clip directly over our heat panels so you no longer have to deal with tape or zip ties to secure your probes. (If using a single-zone thermostat you will want to order (1) probe bracket. If using a dual-zone thermostat, you will want to get (2) probe brackets.)

Click on the highlighted option to view product:

:Important Specs:


Dimensions: 71″ (H) x 20″ (W) x 33.5″ (D)  | Level Height: 6.75″

Tub Dimensions: (FB70): 33.5″ (L) x 17.5″ (W) x 5.3″ (H)

::Packing List::

(10) Proline 1010-70 levels – Frame (made of J4 Stainless Steel)

(10) Ventilation clips (Front) – New plastic design. Metal clips will not be offered with ProLine Series racks.

(10) Ventilation clips (Rear) – Used to secure rear-side of ventilation inserts.

(10) Side channels (Left)

(10) Side channels (Right)

(40) Pop rivets – Used to install channel on rack.

(40) Level connectors – Used to stack and connect each level.

(10) 5″ Heat panels – Can also select 7″ heat panels. (Insulated and non-insulated options available.)

(10) FB70 tubs – Can select semi-clear or grey (color) with or without cupholders. (deli cups sold separately.)

(1) Base frame (Compact 1010-70) 

(4) Heavy duty casters – Can select locking or non-locking.


:::Required tools for assembly:::

  • Rubber mallet
  • Pop-rivet gun
  • 1/2″ Socket and Ratchet (in case caster wheels are not preinstalled)


Extra Tubs – Available HERE


IMPORTANT: Although you do not have to purchase/use a Freedom Breeder thermostat, a thermostat MUST be used with our racks to safely regulate the temps of your heat panels and to ensure the safety of your reptiles. DO NOT USE heat panels without a thermostat, this is not safe and WILL be a fire hazard.

If you have any questions about our reptile racks regarding pricing, options, measurements, or just more general info please reach out to us at any time.

We at Freedom Breeder would like to thank you for considering our products!


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