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HGW Bongo Poss Lucifer for sale at the one and only Freedom Breeder’s Ball pythons shop! All sizes of Ball pythons for sale with an extremely diverse selection of Ball Pythons and Ball python morphs available. We indeed take great pride in the Ball python morphs we house and produce here at Freedom Breeder. We strive to provide you with first-rate Customer Service not only when purchasing Ball python morphs, but also when purchasing your first Reptile Racks or Rodent Racks.

Presently pictured above:

  • Female
  • Weight: 350 grams
  • Year of birth: 2018
  • Genetics: HGW, Bongo
  • Species: Python Regius – Ball Python
  • Diet: Live Rodent
  • Husbandry: Stainless Steel Freedom Breeder Rack
  • Tub: FB10-c
  • We now keep all of our snakes on CocoBlox
  • coco blox, coconut substrate

Not able to find the exact Ball pythons for sale that you dream about adding to your Ball Python collection? Do you have any questions about the Ball pythons morphs available? Please Contact us for updated pictures and current weights on Ball pythons for sale that are posted. Ultimately we want to ensure that you add the perfect Ball python morph to your cart here at Freedom Breeder.

Ball Pythons (Python Regius) is one of the smaller species of Python, which originate from West Africa. As a matter of fact, they grow to a manageable size of 4-6′ feet long as an adult, perfect size for all levels of reptile keepers. As a result, Ball Pythons have become one of the most popular snakes in the pet trade.

Having trouble locating the Ball python morphs you’re interested in? Please call us at (559) 317-0603 or email us atJessy@freedombreeder.com



Free FedEx Shipping on any order over $1000 (on Ball pythons). However this excludes any order placed on payment plans.

$39.99 Monday – Wednesday FedEx Priority Overnight.

Live Arrival Guarantee!

Ball Pythons Terms and Conditions

We will specifically confirm your order with you before we ship. Therefore we choose to ship with the higher standard process to ensure that everything will be fine with your purchase.We do not ship until we speak via phone with the customer to arrange a safe day to ship.

For International orders the Minimum order is $5000. There are also a number of other fees including CITIES permit as well as Fish & Wildlife inspection fees. Depending on your Country there may be additional fees for health certificates, and USDA permits. Prior to inquiring or purchasing from our website, please check with your local government about importing Live Reptiles (Python Regius). In addition you may want to hire an import broker to help fill out paperwork.

In any case, you have any questions or comment please contact us via email at jessy@freedombreeder.com or call Jimmy @ 559-317-0603.

*Colors on the pictures may vary (non-edited pictures)

HGW Bongo Poss Lucifer

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