FB70-SC (Semi Clear)


Cup Holder Options

Tub also available with a 16oz. deli-cup holder

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One of, if not the most popular tub used in the reptile industry today. The Freedom Breeder FB70-SC is the staple tub used by the world’s biggest breeder’s, zoo’s and Universities. Perfect for adult Ball Pythons and any other species of snake or lizard similar in size, the FB70-SC also has an option for a 16oz. deli-cup holder, see product add-ons (FB70-SC-C). To breed the best.. you have to use the best.

FB70 tubs fit Reptile 1030 and Rodent 824 racks.

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Weight 4.25 lbs
Dimensions 33.5 × 17.5 × 5.3 in