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African Imports

These African Imports contain unproven genetics and are direct from Benin & Togo.  We cherry picked these from 1,000s of photos our importer sent us. The “Nams” (Collectors/Ranchers) collect the adults in the wild and hatch them in captivity on their ranches. There are high chances of finding “new genetics” in many of these wild caught babies.

Roll the dice, and take a gamble at introducing a new morph to the market! Here at Freedom Breeder, we have an enormous selection of African Imports to choose from. New blood lines will help to keep your genetics strong. Too many seasons of line breeding can lead to health issues that can easily be avoided by outcrossing with fresh African bloodlines.

african imports

Here is your chance to prove out the next “New Gene” and create your own project in this industry. Feel free to name your purchases after your company to make a name for yourself after you have proven it out.

We do not expect any credit for bringing these to the US, feel free to take full credit for genetics that you prove out.

These Ball Pythons are for serious inquiries only, low ballers will not be entertained.

Health Guarantee

For all “African Imports” we will only guarantee Live Arrival.

We are not posting prices on individual imports until they have eaten 1-2 meals and have shed out once or twice. By taking these steps we feel more comfortable that we are providing the highest quality African Imports to our customers. When we say quality, we mean healthy ball pythons with less chances of your investment turning up dead days, weeks or even months after you receive your shipment. However, it is always a gamble buying live animals that came from another country.

Please PM us ( with any questions or offers.

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